the waifu wars never ends for skullgirls fans

Let me guess, DDB showed up.

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Kitten can’t walk but learns with a walker - Tails of Survival

An adorable black and white Kitten with a neurological disorder couldn’t walk, but relearned how to use his back legs by using a walker every day. 
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Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected. Thumper would have died for sure, because it was soon discovered, he couldn’t walk because of a neurological disorder. His Foster mom, had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking. Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running. Now he just needs his forever home. 

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Really cute? Okay: Oliver was Miku’s English tutor.

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those blinds weren’t in your way, were they cats?

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"You don’t expect me to play with that, do you?"


"You don’t expect me to play with that, do you?"

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she even looks at me like theres absolutely no regret.


she even looks at me like theres absolutely no regret.

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wow people in the tag are pissing themselves because of a color pallete

grow up dammit

it’s only a game it doesn’t even really affect you irl wtf

Well, we were all reminded about the one million other references by the inclusion of a Jojo reference… and then some of us came to the conclusion that the game as a whole is about 95% references, memes, and in-jokes from other fighting games, and approximately 5% original content.

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how to get 200 notes on the Skullgirls tag


Step 1: shitpost about lab zero adding harmless in game references like a pallete
Step 2: tag it as #skullgirls

Step 3: Start taking bets on how long the wait will be until someone actually calls it a shitpost.

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I’ll never be over the fact that the literal first character shown for Skullgirls is so similar to a well-liked character from a semi-popular fighting game:

  • fights with hair
  • unwillingly given monster hair
  • relatively quick, uses lots of air dashes
  • Millia??? Filia????????

Like looking back…

Even outside of gameplay, I was just recently thinking about how lame it is that Filia and Cerebella seemed to take up most of the ad space as the game’s poster children. I guess Cerebella’s hat is noteworthy and kinda cool I guess, but looking at the two together, any average person is just going to see a huge pile of fanservice and immediately make some (not entirely inaccurate) negative assumptions about the game.

And yeah, Filia is just boring as shit. In gameplay, visual design, and even personality. There’s literally nothing going on with her. She’s just some schoolgirl who’s apparently too fucking stupid to go buy some larger clothing. At least an earlier design of her involved her clothing being torn and tattered, so you got the sense that she was poor and homeless and probably couldn’t afford new clothes. But her current design is just 100% fanservice with no real consideration for her personality or situation and that kinda drives me bananas.

The thing any fighting game designer (and, hell, a lot of game designers in general) needs to realize is that when you’re designing characters, you shouldn’t be designing a “character” as much as you should be designing a “caricature.” Like, it should be pretty obvious what the character’s deal is just by looking at a picture of them, or looking at them in their idle stance in-game. But when you go overboard with the fanservice you can kinda ruin the effect. And that’s where my point about Filia’s outfit not conveying her homelessness comes from. But the worst offender in SG for this is probably Parasoul, actually. She’s supposed to be completely straight-laced and serious military-minded lady, yet for some reason she prances around in a mini-skirt. Earlier concept designs of her have her in a full military dress uniform, complete with eyepatch! And even without the eyepatch, that design would have been perfect, because it would have IMMEDIATELY conveyed everything you need to know about her at a single glace. But instead we get a generic sweater and fanservicy miniskirt, which makes discerning her deal by looking at her kinda difficult. And yeah you could ramble on about how maybe her personality is such that she would willingly dress like that, but it doesn’t fucking matter, because some little nuance to her character like that doesn’t have anything to do with her “main” attributes: serious military lady. That’s what she needed to look like and Alex fucking blew it because of ass n’ titties and its sad.


I hadn’t known that about Parasoul having a more military design; it’s a shame that it had to move to fanservice instead.

What a sad state of affairs.
Squigly, visually, is more interesting than literally any of the game’s starting cast.

Evidence, by the way:

Sick, right?

Also here’s a slightly earlier Filia. Note the torn clothing and more downtrodden and waifish look:

It’s not very far from the final design, but something about it is just slightly more compelling.

I feel like the whole game had a much more melancholy and “dire” design to it in earlier stages. Only later did it just become kinda goofy.

I blame Kinuko.

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