My biggest nightmare….


Five Nights at Freddy’s + Silent Hills (P.T.) crossover


Robbie and Bonnie by ColorgasmFreak


Almost a year later, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero has reached it’s 5th stretch goal.

Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops are now going to be playable.


I’m guessing Rotty’s powers are an homage to Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls.

sorry not sorry

Freddy: come on, foxy, tell me what's got you so down
Foxy: erm, is chica about?
Freddy: no, she's in the kitchen again
Foxy: well, matey, 'tis relationship troubles
Foxy: chica and i be happy together, aye
Foxy: but lately i've been wonderin' if it be true love
Foxy: or if she be only into me fer me body
Freddy: oh now, that's a horrible thought to have
Foxy: i know, i know
Freddy: i'm sure she loves you
Foxy: aye, but fer WHAT?
Foxy: does she love me fer meself, heart an' soul
Foxy: or do she only care about gettin' this fine booty into bed with 'er
Freddy: ...
Foxy: tell ye what, matey, hand me that thar flower an' we'll see
Freddy: ...okay?
Foxy: right then: she loves ME...
Foxy: she loves me KNOT
Freddy: ...
Foxy: she loves ME...
Freddy: foxy--
Foxy: she loves me KNOT
Freddy: what the f--
Foxy: she loves ME...
Freddy: will you--
Foxy: she loves me KNOT


God damn

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Five nights at Freddy’s cosplay

Jeez that was quick. The game’s been out for what, like two weeks?

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I GUARD YOUR PAPERWORK HOOMIN #cats #getoutoftherecat #tryingtofile #Sukisaysno


I GUARD YOUR PAPERWORK HOOMIN #cats #getoutoftherecat #tryingtofile #Sukisaysno

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hey u guys i used to watch this show and when i first heard the five nights at freddy’s tune

i don’t know if u guys noticed but i’m just putting that out there

It’s an old classical song, I think… See if this starts sounding familiar about two-thirds of the way through.

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queen of the forbidden surfaces


queen of the forbidden surfaces

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"You know, if there is any meme that I really can’t stand, it would be ‘epic meme’ and all those like it. How quite so many people manage to display their disdain for memes by using a meme of their own (almost compulsively in a number of cases), without seeing how hypocritical that is, is beyond me."

Rufia on Facepunch

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